The Empty Space, Wood Quay, Dublin. 4th – 15th March 2008

Set design: Jean Guy Lecat, Lighting design: Mike Gunning, Music & Sound design: Dennis Clohessy, Video Design: Jack Phelan

This was my second time to work with director Selina Cartmell, both times as video designer. [The brilliant woman and scarecrow being the other]. I was originally to design and produce up to 12 projected sequences but due to all sorts of complications a total of five were completed for the production. The first piece was a seamless loop of a dark, churning sky above a heath. This was used as part of the show preset as the audience entered the space and it seemed to work really well with the clay floor and stone walls of the empty space. The empty space is a really dark, rustic venue and i hope it doesn’t get ruined by the inevitable facelift. It actually forms part of Dublin’s old city walls and was the first theatre royal in dublin (1662). Theatre royal meaning it was granted permission to hold theatrical performances which were otherwise illegal. charming. More info here.

Anyway, the other sequences i designed for MacBeth were the rippling surface of a pond, rain and the trickiest piece – Birnam woods, which consisted of a long, slow dolly shot into a wintery wood at night. The shot used fog, depth of field and shadows to create some tension. Screen shots below aren’t great so i’ll put some video up soon.