Woman and Scarecrow

woman-and-scarecrowWednesday 10 October – Saturday 10 November 2007. Peacock theatre

Written by Marina Carr

Director Selina Cartmell. Set and costume: design Conor Murphy. Lighting design: Paul Keogan. Sound design: Denis Clohessy. Video Design Jack Phelan

‘It’s a terrible state of affairs to arrive at the close of your life and realize you’ve nothing to confess …though, I suppose I committed the greatest sin of all… I refused to be happy’

In a simple room, adorned only by a large wardrobe, a woman, mother to eight children and wife to an unfaithful husband, lies dying. With bitter humour and brutal honesty she looks back over her life, imagining what could have been.

‘Happiness! Everyone thinks they have a god-given right to it. Sure it’s only a recent invention of the Sunday papers.’

Woman and Scarecrow is a fierce, passionate and moving lament for a life half lived.

Woman and Scarecrow [intro video clip] from secretspaces on Vimeo.