Video promo – Alice in Funderland

Directed, shot and edited this video trailer / promo for The Abbey Theatre and THISPOPBABY for Alice in Funderland.


Produced by Jenny Jennings and Fergus Hannigan
Music by Raymond Scannell
Steadicam operator – Colin Norris
Production assistant – Erin Hermosa

Some day I’ll spend time fixing the colour treatment / grading on this or get someone who knows what they’re doing to do it! Pretty happy with the way it turned out all things considered, especially when it hits the streets.

Alice in Funderland

earlier this year I had absolutely amazing fun working with the THISISPOPBABY crew Philly, Jenny and Adam, director Wayne Jordan, composer Raymond Scannell and a truly out of this world cast. oh and I got to play around with possibly the sweetest LED video wall in existence. Check out some of the stills below, i’ll upload a couple of video clips soon. If this is what THISISPOPBABY consider a work in progress presentation – I have no idea what will be involved in a full ‘mad owravit’ production! Definitely stay tuned.

Unlucky in love, Corkonian Alice is all set for her sister’s wedding (always the bridesmaid and never the bride), when a chance encounter with delivery boy Warren sends her spiraling through the Dublin streets.

In an epic chase for love on the strangest night of her life, Alice tumbles through the dark, bombarded by grinning politicians, pyjamaclad bowsies, egg heads on the edge, the self help mafia, media gargoyles, twisted scissor sisters, and of course, Delores – The Queen of Hartstown.

Things sure ain’t what they used to be. The looking glass is well and truly cracked. But is true love possible on the other sideā€¦ or is this town just full of clowns?

Following a bumper 2010 season with WERK at the Abbey, Queer Notions at Project Arts Centre and huge success at Electric Picnic, THISISPOPBABY bring you a modern day fairy tale for the electropop generation. Full of explosive tunes, unforgettable characters and crackling action, this is a work-in-progress presentation of an essential new musical about the here and the now.

video design, projection design, LED video wall, Max/Jitter